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Have you been looking for professional ant removal for your home or property in Perth? Do you notice the presence of countless ants in your backyard? How about in your kitchen, or your business facilities? Did you know that ant infestation can be more troublesome than you think?

Seeing a parade of ants in your home or property is a sure sign of infestation. Naturally, these social insects that live in colonies adapt to all terrestrial environments. Also, they can shelter in their anthill several hundred to more than a million ants. Particularly, they are highly organized and socially structured insects. Finally, their highly developed mode of communication allows them to thrive and evolve.

In general, ants can be difficult to get rid of. Calling on Xterminate is the assurance of controlled management and effective treatment against these pests. Contact us today on 1300 455 163!

Tips for Recognizing an Ant Invasion

Essentially, if you notice the presence of one or two ants, they are out searching for food. Primarily, ants like anything sweet. This makes our kitchens particularly vulnerable to infestation. In addition to the crumbs and food scraps we leave on the countertop, sinks provide them with a source of water. Naturally, ants also need water to survive.

If you see a large number of ants, an infestation is likely in the making or already active. Silently, they pass through your house or apartment to their food source that can include the following:

  •         Garden
  •         Sink
  •         Garbage can
  •         Food storage
  •         Cupboard

Generally, outdoors ant nest is made by a small pile of earth or dirt. Indoors, some species of ants melt their nest in the walls, under the bathtub, the sink, or in other sheltered and dark places. These are harder to spot.

Disturbances Caused by Ants 

Ants are mostly harmless to humans. Only red and red-headed ants can sting, but it is rare to see them venturing into people’s homes.

Black ants, on the other hand, are happy to live in buildings and are completely harmless to health. They do not transmit disease and do not sting. Nevertheless, they make your food resources unfit for consumption.

Pharaoh’s ants can carry and spread the microbes they pick up by feeding on decaying food. They can be found in:

  •         Buildings
  •         Hotels
  •         Hospitals
  •         Operating theatres

Ants can quickly become very invasive. To solve this problem, it is better to act quickly and choose an effective ant control.

Seek Professional Help Immediately

In case of a large and widespread infestation, shelf products will not solve the problem. In fact, products you purchased in supermarkets are not nearly enough to eliminate the ants permanently.

Our Xterminate technicians target their actions with an adequate and applied method:

  •         Identification of the species of ants
  •         Causes of appearance
  •         Degrees of infestation of the premises
  •         Appropriate treatment procedures in view of the situation

Our professionals have a wide range of powerful insecticides that guarantee a thorough treatment. Besides, our service is fast, efficient, and guarantees you an optimal level of security to protect your environment and your pets.

Expert Ants Removal in Perth

Xterminate offers ant treatment and disinfection as part of its services. We intervene in various locations, such as residential homes, hotels, restaurants, and public institutions in general. Our company has certified and competent agents to deal efficiently with your problem.

Specifically, a team begins by making an inventory of the premises. They define the type of pest control and ant treatment to be carried out. In case they need to use insecticides, Xterminate only uses authorized products that do not harm your health.

Absolutely, this guarantees a safe and environmentally friendly intervention. Thanks to this shock treatment, we will rid your home or professional premises of ants once and for all.

Get in Touch with a Specialist

Do you need any advice, an estimate, or an intervention? Do not hesitate to call us. We will answer all the questions you ask about ant removal in Perth and treatment services for all other pests.

Aside from ant removal, you can trust us in the treatment of termites, rats, mice, cockroaches and more. Absolutely, we cover all pests under the sun!

At Xterminate, we offer you an efficient, fast, and tailor-made pest control treatment. Clearly, you can trust the experience and expertise of our technicians for confidential service. Besides, we will also give you the best advice to avoid future outbreaks. Call us now on 1300 455 163!

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