Drain Flies Removal Perth

Are you looking for an effective removal treatment of the annoying drain flies at your home in Perth? Have you been trying to eliminate these tiny flies only to see them again in a few days? Do you want to get rid of these pesky flying insects for the last time?

Drain flies have been one of the most common household pests in Australia. In fact, they are most common in your kitchen and bathroom. Hence, these areas of your house become too untidy with these pests flying around.

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Why Do You Need Professionals to Remove Drain Flies?

Absolutely, drain flies are annoying flying pests when you have them at home. In fact, they make your place look dirty and unhealthy. Hence, you should deal with them immediately. Particularly, you need to exterminate them like what you do with cockroaches, termites, fleas, bed bugs, and other pests.

You may be thinking that drain flies are so tiny that shelf spray can eliminate them easily. Surprisingly, drain flies are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. Factually, it takes quite complex procedures of elimination of the adults and the eggs.

Thankfully, Xterminate has been quite effective and successful in eliminating drain flies from Perth homes. Specifically, we specialise in drain fly removal like in all other pest control treatments.

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Facts You Need to Know About Drain Fly Infestation

You may hear about sink flies, sewer gnats, and filter flies. These are all referring to drain flies. In fact, these are the other names for these tiny annoying flying insects. Sometimes, other people call them moth flies because of their moth-like appearance with their short and hairy bodies.

There are around 2,600 drain fly species. Absolutely, they are present in many countries. Specifically, they are quite common in places with humid weather such as Perth. Particularly, these flies love to feast on decaying organic matters.

Generally, drain flies love to dwell and breed in your plumbing drains in the bathroom and kitchen. Also, you can see them in your garbage bins and sewerage system. Particularly, they love these areas because of a massive deposit of dirt and decaying organic matter. Absolutely, these areas attract drain flies particularly if you don’t maintain cleanliness.

Reasons Why These Tiny Flies Keep on Coming Back in Your Home

A simple cleaning may sometimes be not enough to eliminate drain flies Perth.  In fact, you still keep on seeing drain flies again even after a thorough cleaning. Therefore, you get frustrated and stressed because they seem to be invincible.

To explain, the drain flies that you see are just the adults and certainly not their entire colony. What you don’t see is the massive number of their eggs that are definitely hard to get rid of. In fact, they have hundreds and thousands of eggs that they hide in the innermost part of the drain.

Surprisingly, the eggs of the drain flies can survive a long-time of no water. Also, drain flies have a great defense mechanism to survive any attempt of extermination. For instance, they have water-proof hairs to save them from drowning. Besides, bleach and other water-based toxins can completely kill these flies. Moreover, these flies’ larvae and eggs can survive some thermal and chemical treatment. Hence, simple procedures won’t get a chance to remove these pesky insects.

Absolutely, effective removal of drain flies is for the experts to do. Thankfully, our team at Xterminate is ready with expert solutions to a drain fly infestation.

How to Contact Xterminate for Drain Fly Removal Perth

Keeping your home clean is to ensure proper maintenance of your bathroom and kitchen. Absolutely, cleaning them is not just about removing dirt on the surface. For instance, the innermost part of your drains is not easy to clean. Hence, no matter how intensive your cleaning on the visible areas, drain flies will still be present.

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