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Are you suffering from mice infestation and need professional mice removal in Perth? Did you know that mice can cause property damages and infectious diseases? Have you been tired of dealing with these pests with no success at all? Are you looking for expert pest control experts to end your problem of mice for the last time?


Clearly, you must have been frustrated in finding effective ways to eradicate mice from your home or property. Not only do they make your surroundings look filthy, but these rodents can also cause destruction. Worst of all, they carry many pathogens that can cause infectious diseases.


For cost-effective mice removal, you can call us at Xterminate today on 1300 455 163. Absolutely, we are expert mice exterminators that have been in the industry for many years. In fact, we cover all forms of residential, commercial, and industrial infestation.


Mice are Different from Rats

Surprisingly, many of you may still get confused between rats and mice in Perth. Factually, mice and rats are two different rodents that have been the most common infestations in homes and businesses. Clearly, these dangerous pest problems are quite uniquely difficult to deal with. Hence, you must know their difference.


To illustrate, mice are indeed tinier than rats. Particularly, they can grow up to 4 inches in length excluding their tails. Astoundingly, their tails can be as long as their body. Besides, its colour varies from white, grey, or brown. Moreover, they have long whiskers, thin and hairy tails, and pointed or triangular snouts.


Generally, mice are like rats when it comes to their activities. In fact, they also chew anything although they have weaker teeth than the other rodents. Hence, they may destroy clothes or paper materials not easily those materials of hard plastic, metal, and glass.


Specifically, mice have an advantage over rats in terms of climbing. Certainly, they can climb and stay in higher places such as the ceilings and attics. Moreover, they definitely like eating seeds, fruits, and grains. Besides, they are omnivorous. So, they can eat just anything in a desperate situation.


Whatever infestation it is that you have, Xterminate pest control experts have your back. Absolutely, we can eliminate both rats and mice safely and effectively. Call us today!


Reasons to Worry About Mice in Perth

Indeed, mice are just tiny pests but they certainly bring huge problems in case you don’t remove them immediately. Without a doubt, they bring not just property destruction but also health danger.

As mentioned, mice are similar to rats in their lifestyle. Hence, just like rats, mice can also cause structural damages in homes and businesses as they nibble anything endlessly. To explain, mice will chew anything they encounter such as paper, books, cloth, and more.


Moreover, mice can be a big problem for your precious furniture. To illustrate, these rodents like to burrow into your upholstery to build their nests. Most horribly, they like to chew insulation on electric wires that can sometimes cause a fire.


Lastly, you may find them occupying your attics and ceilings as they love higher places. As a result, they can accumulate their droppings in these areas. Unfortunately, their accumulated droppings, nests, and dirt can cause material decay in these parts of your home. Not to mention the chances they can bring lice, mites, ticks, and fleas.


Do Mice Carry Diseases?

Just like rats and cockroaches, mice are also filthy creatures that carry many disease-causing bacteria. In fact, they carry multiple harmful pathogens that can cause many diseases in your home or business. Hence, their infestation doesn’t just bring property damages but also health problems.


In general, mice have been the carriers of some of the infectious diseases worldwide. For instance, they can transmit bacteria that cause Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis. Moreover, they can also cause bubonic plague, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever.


Absolutely, these rodents can transfer these diseases to human in multiple ways. To illustrate, they can do it by contaminating your food and water.  Besides, getting in contact with their dropping, urine and other contaminated items can get you the illnesses. Most horribly, you can catch a disease when they bite you.


Are there Signs of Mice Infestation in Perth?

Generally, mice are clever creatures and are difficult to eliminate. However, they cannot hide forever and get away with their destruction. In fact, they have obvious signs or traces that you can identify to ascertain their presence. For example, you will know if you have this infestation when you see their droppings.


Specifically, mouse droppings appear to be like small and dark pointed pellets that are 5mm in size. Also, you may easily smell the stale odour of their urine. Usually, this is even more obvious when the infestation has gone higher in number. Hence, your surroundings may have a distinctive musky odour.


Besides, their noise particularly at night is another sign of their presence.  For instance, you may hear their scratches inside your wall spaces and in your ceilings.  Moreover, they can leave obvious signs such as gnawed materials like wires, clothes, papers, and furniture. Lastly, sighting them or their nests in your ceilings, crawlspaces, and attics is the most obvious sign.


Absolutely, you shouldn’t waste any time when you see these signs of a mice infestation in your home or property. In fact, the later you act, the bigger the problem may become. So, call the pest experts today at Xterminate on 1300 455 163.


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In essence, don’t be too complacent when you see only a few mice scurrying around your property. Absolutely, what you are seeing is just a tiny tip on the iceberg. Surprisingly, seeing a few of them means that there are more hiding behind the darkest corners of your place. Hence, you should consult the experts immediately for professional mice removal Perth.


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