Pantry Moths Removal Perth

Are you currently suffering from the stubborn infestation by pantry moths in Perth? Have you been frustrated seeing these pests infest your food supplies? Do you need immediate help to eliminate such disgusting infestation problems?

Although pantry moths are not a danger to your health, they are still pests that can cause irreversible damage to your pantry. You should also be aware that moths reproduce quickly. If you do not act quickly, chances are that you will be swamped. There is only one truly effective solution to deal with them: call your Xterminate pest control experts!

Tips for Recognizing a Pantry Moth Invasion

Very similar to the clothes moth, the pantry moth is a small brown/grey butterfly that flies clumsily in the kitchen. Specifically, moths hatch and then spend most of their life in the larval stage as caterpillars. Each larva then forms a cocoon from which the adult moth emerges as a winged insect. Although all moths have wings, not all moths can fly.

The presence of filaments in your groceries, white cocoons in your cupboards, or on your food packaging is evidence of the presence of the food moth. The eggs of this insect are not visible, but you can spot them. Thanks to its white maggot shape.

It is a species of tropical origin. So, the pantry moth appreciates heat and fears the cold. Hence, summer is a good time for these insects. Mostly, these moths spread through food products that you buy or come from your neighbourhood.

Disturbances that Pantry Moths Cause

In general, moths are not really a big deal outdoors. However, they become a problem when they enter your home. During the larval stage, moths eat voraciously. It is during this period that they are a problem.

The pantry moth mainly invades food supplies including flour and other stored products. Without a doubt, they prefer packages of dry foodstuffs. Specifically, the favourite foods of this insect include:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Chocolate
  • Dried fruits
  • Pet food

All food packages left open for a long time are a godsend for the spread of these insects. Particularly, moths colonize your closets and buffets by going to lay their eggs in these forgotten bags.

Seek Professional Help Immediately

Do you always get surprised by moths every time you open your closets? Every day is a fight and you keep seeing them fly away. Perhaps, without even understanding where they might be coming from. The products of supermarkets are useless, given the scale of their invasion. To put an end to it, contact Xterminate without further hesitation.

Contact our professionals when the methods you used no longer work. Absolutely, only pest experts can help you in case of a massive invasion. To illustrate, we set up transparent curative and preventive treatment and monitoring solutions. Clearly, we guarantee you an adapted sanitary and administrative serenity. Being perfectly equipped, we will definitively eradicate pantry mites from your premises.

Expert Pantry Moths Removal in Perth

Are you a victim of pantry moths in Perth and want to get rid of them right now? Don’t panic! With Xterminate, you have the solution. A team will be quickly sent to your home. We will identify the main centres of infestation and treat them effectively to eliminate all pests. Experts will use specific products that respect your health.

During our intervention, we intervene quickly with professional insecticides that cannot be found in supermarkets. Once the work is done, we provide you with all the necessary advice to avoid re-infection.

How to Contact Xterminate for Pantry Moth Removal Perth?

Xterminate intervenes to relieve you permanently of all moths, larvae, and eggs hidden in your home or workplace. Active and radical curative treatments are applied to the entire infected building. We eliminate any moth infestation safely and sustainably. Contact us today!

We certainly welcome your call on 1300 455 163! Absolutely, we’ve got solution ready not just for pantry moths removal Perth. In fact, we cover all forms of infestation. Hence, you can call us for termite inspection and treatment, cockroach and fleas removal and many more! See our customer reviews on Google My Business!

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