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Have you been searching for professional rat removal in Perth? Did you know that rats have been one of the worst infestations to have in your home or business? Are you seeing a few rats scurrying around your property? Do you need expert rat exterminators in Perth?

Generally, rats are one of the most destructive and dangerous pests to ever infest you home and business. In fact, they have also been the most difficult to exterminate without professional help. Hence, you should call the pest experts if you are currently having a rat infestation.

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What Makes Rats Dangerous in Your Home or Business?

Undeniably, rats are disgusting pests to have in ay property. In fact, not only are they destructive, they bring danger to your health. Hence, you should never allow the infestation to grow and eliminate them immediately.

In general, rats are chewing rodents. For instance, they can damage your clothes, furniture, books or any light materials that they can chew. Most horribly, the can cause a fire by nibbling electric wires.

Unfortunately, these disgusting rodents can do more than just property destruction. In fact, they are real health threats as they carry disease-causing bacteria. Moreover, rats can also be causing other infestation problems later. Factually, these rodents can carry lice, ticks, and fleas.

With these threats with the presence of rats, you certainly need to eliminate them immediately. Absolutely, you can reach out to us at Xterminate today!

What Are the Diseases that Rats Spread in Perth?

Generally, rats are similar to mice and cockroaches in terms of the health danger that they bring. In fact, rats are also carriers of many infectious diseases that can harm humans. Moreover, they can also be harmful to your pets.

For instance, these rodents can spread the bacteria that cause Leptospirosis. Specifically, rats spread this disease through their urine with the Leptospira bacteria. Surprisingly, these bacteria can stay alive in water or moist areas and soon become a problem. To explain, humans and pets can get these bacteria through their body openings. Particularly, through their mouths, eyes, ears, nose, or even in the skin breaks. Statistically, 5% to 10% of those who get the infection died annually.

Moreover, rats also carry pathogens that cause other dangerous diseases. Specifically, rats can spread diseases like Tularemia, Salmonellosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Lassa Fever, Plague, and more.

Signs of Rat Infestation in Perth

Undoubtedly, rats are one of the cleverest pests you may encounter. Particularly, these pests usually avoid the human sight. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find out first if you already have a rat infestation.

However, it’s easy to see the obvious signs of rats if you’re keen on your surroundings. To explain, rats can leave several traces of their presence. For instance, you may encounter their droppings around areas like food storage, cupboards, drawers, and crawl spaces. Specifically, these droppings can appear to be light brown to dark in colour like thin pellets with rounded ends. Moreover, they can appear to be approximately 3/8-inch long with around 1/7 diameter.

Also, their urine can make your surroundings smell really unpleasant with its musky odour. Most specifically, it’s more obvious when the infestation has gone to a significantly higher level.

Moreover, rats’ presence is obvious with gnawed materials like your clothes. Not only do these rodents chew for food, but they also chew materials such as papers and collect them to build a nest. Particularly, you may see their nests in burrows on the ground and in crawl spaces between walls or subfloors. Besides, you may also see gnawed electrical wires and food containers when you have a rat infestation.

Even more, rats can be noisy at night as they become active as nocturnal creatures. Hence, you can certainly hear their noise as they scratch and run through your walls, roofs, or ceilings.

Why Do You Need Professional Rat Removal Perth?

Without a doubt, rat infestation is a serious problem in Perth. Unfortunately, you are also in danger of their invasion if you leave in the same locality. In fact, every home and business is not safe from a rat infestation.

Generally, dirty places attract rats and are their most favourite areas to stay. However, even our clean and well-maintained home or office can still be their next nesting place. Clearly, rats can invade any place as they desperately seek for sustenance and shelter.

Absolutely, rats are clever and are not easy to confront. In fact, these rodents can just easily escape as they are cautious and quick. Therefore, many simple baits and traps won’t work at all. Clearly, this is the reason why you need professional rat removal. To explain, rat control experts have a systematic treatment to successfully eliminate these creepy creatures.

If you see one or two rats scurrying around your home or property, chances are you must have already a colony. Hence, never waste time and call the expert rat exterminators today!

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Absolutely, there’s no more time to waste when it comes to seeking professional rat removal Perth. Clearly, you wouldn’t want your home to be the nesting place of these filthy and destructive creatures. So, you must act today to stop this dangerous infestation!

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