Silverfish Removal Perth 

Are you an occupant in the Perth area that needs professional silverfish removal? Do you need professional pest control experts that do things right the first time? Would you prefer the safest, affordable and most effective solutions to your silverfish infestation problem?

Generally, silverfish has a reputation for their destructive feeding behaviour. In fact, they can cause serious problems when present in large numbers. Specifically, they can damage anything that contains starch or cellulose. This includes books, photographs, paintings, and plaster.

Unfortunately, a treatment against silverfish with standard commercial products will be a challenge. To explain, this insect hides in the smallest cracks of your house, apartment, or office.

Thankfully, Xterminate eradicates silverfish by various effective and safe methods. For instance, we perform freezing, gassing, fogging, and spraying. Whatever your situation is, we have the solution ready! Contact us now on 1300 455 163!

Tips for Recognizing a Silverfish Invasion

As a note, the silverfish is not a fish, but a wingless insect from the Lepismatidae family. Its head has a long thin antennae and its body is covered with tiny silver scales. Hence, its name.

Silverfish develop slowly. In fact, they go through a series of successive moults before becoming adults. Most species live from three to five years, which is a long time for an insect. Moreover, they are also very resistant because they can go without food for up to a year.

They will be particularly visible at night in warm and humid places lacking ventilation because they do not like the light. Besides, you can also find them in:

  • Toilets
  •  Bathrooms
  •  Kitchens
  •  Cellars

Silverfish are particularly fond of the underside of showers for bathtubs. Specifically, they are very fearful, and will quickly escape in case of danger. So, they usually hide in the baseboards or cracks nearby.

Disturbances Caused by Silverfish

Silverfish are very sociable creatures. If you’ve seen one, be prepared for more. In fact, they can reach unacceptable numbers. Particularly, females lay up to 20 eggs per day all year round.

Truthfully, silverfish are not really a problem in small numbers and can be easily disposed of. But a large infestation can be a serious problem for your home or business.

These insects can cause damage by destroying:

  • Paper
  • Important documents
  • Fine textiles
  • Leather

Also, they can invade packages of dried food that have been stored in damp cabinets. Generally, they are a real scourge for libraries, archives, offices, and museums. Certainly, they love to prey on the books they can live in.

Seek Professional Help Immediately

Commercially available products such as insecticide sprays can help you fight the occasional outbreak of silverfish. Some use baking soda for example that can kill insects by drying their skin. Also, they sprinkle it on carpets and rugs and anywhere the insect has been seen.

However, for heavy or repeated infestations, home treatments become ineffective. A silverfish plague requires the treatment of the adults and their hiding places. It is thus necessary to track the sources of humidity in your home.

Note that if the outbreak of silverfish is long-standing, it tends to be relatively harder to eliminate it. This is why a large infestation always needs specialised treatment by pest control professionals.

Expert Silverfish Removal in Perth

Xterminate offers the intervention of experienced and specialised technicians. Absolutely, we adapt all solutions to your specific needs. Our service includes:

  • Performing an inspection of your premises according to your availability.
  • A detailed explanation of treatment methods and their effects.
  • Implementation of the treatment and personalized follow-up to avoid any risk of recurrence.

Our specialists use products that are harmless to the environment and to your loved ones. Specifically, we only use treatments that are safe for young children and pets, or if you live with elderly or sick people. In fact, you can pay special attention to the type of treatment we use and how we apply it.

How to Contact Xterminate for Silverfish Removal Perth

Absolutely, you have every reason to worry about the presence of silverfish in your home.  Unfortunately, no shelf chemicals or DIY treatment can completely eliminate these creepy-crawlies. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to our pest control professionals today!

Xterminate specializes in all pest control solutions including the silverfish removal Perth. Most importantly, we ensure that you’re free from any irritations and threats they bring. Specifically, we are expert exterminators of termites, cockroaches, rats, mice, bed bugs, and all kinds of pests!

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