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Have you been wondering how often you should have termite inspection in Perth? When was the last time you had an inspection for termites in your home or property? Did you know that effective termite treatment requires professional intervention? Are you looking for experienced pest control experts in Perth that can eliminate termites for the last time?

Naturally, out of the forests, termites have infested the cities causing a lot of damage to many buildings. Specifically, these insects dig into the wood of our frames and furniture. As a result, they lead to the destruction of the structures, and can even threaten our safety and that of our families.

Fighting termites is a real war that you cannot wage alone. Hence, you should call on the professionals at Xterminate on 1300 455 163. Absolutely, we have both the expertise and specialized products against this termite infestation.

The Devastating Action of Termites

Termites are yellow translucent insects that live and proliferate in colonies. They are xylophagous that means that they feed on wood celluloses and swarm in dark, humid, and poorly ventilated environments.

Also, these insects are capable of completely ruining a building. They gnaw on wood, carpentry, and structures, making them very harmful pests. In short, few pests are more damaging to a house than termites.

Tips for Recognizing a Termite Invasion

Generally, it is often difficult to identify the presence of termites at the beginning of the colonization process. In fact, the invasion can spread inside the wood without any visible signs on the outside.

This detection is generally guided by knowledge of termite preferences in terms of wood types. Particularly, the species that frequently get a termite attack are the following:

  •         Cypress
  •         Pine
  •         Tropical balsa
  •         Ceiba

You are more or less protected when it comes to cedar woodwork for example. They do not attack this type of wood with the same greed.

If you notice their presence, it is because they have been living in your home for a long time. Therefore, you must act quickly by calling in a termite control professional.

Seek Professional Help Immediately

Our termite professionals have training and experience to recognize termites. Particularly, we know that they are particularly fond of areas close to a source of moisture. However, they can also get satisfaction with areas where there is dry wood. If left unchecked, their invasion can last and go undetected for up to 30 years!

To make sure whether these bugs are present in your home or not contact us today! Our team at Xterminate will carry out an inspection and carefully look for signs of their presence.

Expert Termite Inspection and Removal in Perth

Reactive and available, the Xterminate determination company does everything in its power to get rid of pests. You will be able to keep your wood frames as good as new. Specifically, our termite experts perform a termite diagnosis before any treatment action. Therefore, we will know what to look for termites and where to look for these pests.


Treatments exist in different forms. Specifically, treatments differ on the species of termites and the region in which they exist. Thankfully, our treatment actions directly attack all the colonies at the same time. If we know that a termite colony can host millions of insects, this process can only be beneficial for all. By doing so, we prevent termites from reproducing indefinitely.

Contact Xterminate for Termite Inspection, Treatment, and Prevention

To ensure maximum effectiveness of termite inspection, treatment, and prevention in Perth, call on Xterminate. We will send a certified termite professional team on site. Absolutely, we will be able to identify the signs of a termite invasion in your home and eliminate it completely. Our specialists will also give you advice on the most effective prevention tips or install a termite barrier. Get in touch now!

For enquiries and a free quote, you can contact our team at Xterminate today on 1300 455 163. Besides, you can visit Google My Business to see what our customers say about what we do.

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